B2B technology companies face significant challenges when attempting to enter and quickly grow revenues in international markets. 


After identifying these challenges back in 2008, DWCC was founded to offer a unique, trusted partnership to guide ambitious B2B technology companies through their international expansion, regardless of which stage they are at in their development.


Our mission has expanded to not only provide these companies with high-quality sales pipeline and revenue, with reduced customer acquisition costs, but to engage their buyers with superior value propositions, in their language, wherever they reside around the globe.


Over the course of 150+ engagements, our turnkey services have enabled many of the world’s most cutting edge technologies to successfully grow international revenues, increase their valuations and accelerate their journeys from Startup to Exit or IPO and beyond.

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Craig Hooper


CEO & Founder

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Craig has over 20 years' experience in global solution selling and has also worked in senior IT buying positions across a number of successful global technology start-ups. His other experience includes stints at Airbus and JP Morgan, where he served as SVP of EU Supply Chain Product Management.

Craig LaFrance



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More than 25 years in the SaaS/software business with roles in enterprise sales, business development, alliances and SaaS/Cloud solutions. Craig has held sales leadership positions at the likes of Borland, Compuware and TradeBeam, exceeding revenue targets across a variety of software solutions, from small start-ups to very large companies.

Andy Salentine



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A strategic executive based in San Francisco, Andy has over 20 years' experience delivering right-fit partnerships and acquisitions for technology companies. Over the years he has held VP and Director positions in Business Development and Corporate Development at companies such as BinWise, TradeBeam, Vastera, Speedchain and Fritz.




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Laine has over 20 years' experience in software delivery across global supply chain markets. He worked with Vastera as EMEA consulting manager and was also chief architect at JP Morgan Chase, where he was responsible for migrating legacy trade finance applications into a service-orientated architecture.



"The DWCC journey is inspirational and the company has grown from modest beginnings to a truly global enterprise thanks to its strong people culture and a focus on customer value." 

Chief Operating Officer


Robert Howells Practice Director


Chief Revenue Officer

"DWCC has allowed me to fast-track an exciting career in business development & continues to present new challenges and opportunities 8 years into the job."

Charlotte Meyer Chief People Officer

"DWCC is more than just a company; we are a culture, and truly care about our employees and customers."


Chief People Officer

Freddie Bower Business Development Director


Chief  Strategy Officer

"DWCC has been the ideal place to jumpstart a career in Enterprise Sales and the Silicon Valley tech industry. I've had the opportunity to travel across Europe and the USA, meet leaders at exciting Startups and large corporations and be part of a bright young team based in the heart of Bristol."

Ioanna Angeli

"Until I came to DWCC, I was probably thinking that culture was just one among several important elements in any organization's success... I came to see though, in my time at DWCC, that culture isn't just one aspect of the game, it is the game.'' 

Professional Services Director


Tom Croucher- Practice Director


Practice Director

"I feel very lucky to be in a position where I love coming to work every day; every day is different - it's a fast-moving, exciting environment to work in and you are always recognized for the effort and hard work you put in."

Andy Hunter

APAC Director


"I’ve worked with DWCC now for 6 years. Success is often celebrated by the team, it’s part of the company’s DNA. DWCC is a great company going places."

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N. America Regional Success Manager


''Working at DWCC has challenged me in ways that I had not expected. The variety of projects and people I have been exposed to have pushed me to develop as a person and launched me on a career path I had not anticipated!''

Katharine Harris Customer Success Director


UK Regional Success Manager

"I have received lots of opportunities for professional training and development at DWCC, and I'm excited to be able to contribute to a rapidly growing business. I love the friendly, multicultural, stimulating work environment which encourages creative problem-solving and an analytical mindset."

Kathi Rudolf

"I started at DWCC as one of the first employees in our Cologne office. During my time I learned about the importance of a great work environment with supporting and hard-working individuals. DWCC adds significant value to each employee and helps each individual reach their highest potential. I had the chance to develop my intercultural skillset and dive into the expanding world of SaaS."

DACH Regional Success Manager


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"I found at DWCC a huge opportunity for me to grow professionally, work with some of the most disruptive SaaS companies in the world, and be surrounded by international talented people. Every day is a learning day at DWCC and I've always felt valued and supported no matter what the situation was."

S. Europe Regional Success Manager



"DWCC provides an amazing and multicultural work environment and lots of opportunities for career development. The company truly cares about employee's work-life balance while maintaining high customer satisfaction and growing at a dizzying pace! I am looking forward to many more years with DWCC contributing to the growth of the organization."

Marketing & Communications Lead



"At DWCC I've worked on a wide range of projects, learned an enormous amount of skills, and traveled across the USA and Europe. DWCC has taught me how important it is to love what you do, whilst being able to overcome challenges together. The company truly cares for its employees as well as the community, making us all proud to be part of the team."

Solution Consultant


Karina Conway HR Manager

"I like being involved in multiple projects simultaneously and to see the results of my work. Since day one I felt like a valued member of the DWCC family. I strongly believe that DWCC is a progressive and forward thinking company with a bright future."

HR Manager


Jordan Partridge Talent Acquisition

"It is refreshing to work for a company that is continuously growing internationally whilst retaining its much-loved culture and taking the time to invest into each individual and their career development, from a talent acquisition perspective this is paramount when representing a company in the current market".

Talent Acquisition Specialist