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DWCC welcomes Derek Brown as Head of Revenue as a Service

BRISTOL, UK - DWCC Ltd. is proud to announce the appointment of Derek Brown to lead its new Revenue as a Service offering. The problems faced by many new entrants and early stage startups to the EMEA market is the need to invest heavily in people and supporting infrastructure before seeing any tangible return. DWCC Revenue as a Service (RaaS) accelerates market entry and rapid sales growth with a “pay as you go model”, providing rapid payback while investing in internal sales capacity or developing channels in parallel.

Prior to joining DWCC Derek held sales leadership positions in Manugistics, Oracle, Vovi and most recently Vice President EMEA for Zenoss Inc, a leading provider of Cloud based full stack AIOP’s based infrastructure monitoring software.

Craig Hooper, CEO, said “It is tremendous that Derek has joined us, his experiences in sales coaching, leadership and closing are second to none. Derek will accelerate the development of our sales talent and our customers' initial entry into complex markets, maximising the pipeline we already generate and supporting the enablement of in house sales teams and channels.”

Derek Brown, Head of Revenue as a Service at DWCC
Derek Brown

Derek Brown added “I have known Craig for over 25 years and watched the growth of DWCC with great interest. As a customer I was able to experience at first hand the very high levels of professionalism, customer support and success. When the opportunity came along to join Craig and his team I did not hesitate to say yes.”



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