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DWCC announces new leadership team to steer the new phase of strategic growth

DWCC is proud to introduce a new C-Level team that will be leading the organisation through the new phase of strategic growth and development that begins in 2021.

Following the addition of Luke Sheffield as COO, DWCC completes its C-Level roster with the internal promotion appointment of Charlotte Meyer as CPO, Robert Howells as CRO and Freddie Bower as CSO.

Charlotte Meyer, CPO

Charlotte Meyer joined DWCC five years ago and has been supporting DWCC’s growth from a small start-up in Bristol to the multinational company that is today. With a mission to enable DWCC to scale by having a consistent culture and consistent standards - whilst always championing our core values; as Chief People Officer, she will be responsible for driving strategic growth initiatives and enabling DWCC to reach maximum organisational health through focusing on human capital, including; Company Culture, Employee Engagement, Professional Development and Growth Strategy.

On her recent appointment, Charlotte said: “If the past years of hyper-growth have taught me anything, it is that there is a strong connection between organisational health and workforce performance. Simply put, happy employees, who feel truly valued, perform better. Giving our employees a strong voice by consciously elevating HR from a traditionally administrative, and back office function into a central pillar of our strategic decision making, is key to our ability to scale.”

Robert Howells, joined DWCC nine years ago and has had the benefit of overseeing 150+ engagements with innovative Start Ups and Scale Ups and partnering on GoToMarket. As Chief Revenue Officer, his mission is to drive consistent and sustainable quarter on quarter company growth with a focus on new business, and fostering Customer Relationships.

On his recent appointment, Robert mentioned: “With demand greater than ever, and a rapidly growing network of Customers (both current and previous) that value our quality, integrity and expertise, it is imperative from our first introductions that we lay the foundation for a value based partnership and that there is a clear and consistent journey set out for our customer. The customer is the centre of everything, and our priority will be to continue forging strong, lasting relationships.”

Freddie Bower joined the company in 2014 and took on responsibility for DWCC’s business development back in 2017, working closely with partners and prospects to identify ideal customers and develop new relationships. Stepping into the Chief Strategy Officer role, he will draw on this experience to position DWCC within the best markets & partner ecosystems as it realises its vision of being the premier global revenue partner in the B2B technology space.

Freddie commented, “In challenging circumstances, the team did a tremendous job last year of delivering for our customers whilst also working tirelessly to develop infrastructure and processes that are enabling us to scale more effectively. Our reputation for success continues to grow, but it is imperative that we keep aligning our services to the changing needs of the market and identify new opportunities and improvements that will keep us at the forefront of our industry.”

The growth experienced over the last few years has transformed us into the global revenue acceleration partner that we are today, with a global footprint across 3 continents and 5 countries. This rapid growth necessitated a C-level structure that will focus on the strategy and vision of the company to lead us confidently through a new stage of strategic growth.

“I am delighted with the team we have to guide the company into the next phase of growth. They are second to none when it comes to representing our core values, our expertise in the field of revenue enablement and virtual selling and our commitment to value for money and customer satisfaction”, said Craig Hooper, CEO at DWCC.


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